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Death Certificates

In New York State, Death Certificates can be obtained from the municipality that the death occurred in. Who can obtain a Death Certificate? New York State Law says “Only the spouse, parent or child of the deceased” can obtain a certified Death certificate or you must establish a “lawful right or claim” such as an Insurance policy, will, bank book, etc. You must bring the documents claiming the right with valid photo id, (drivers license, Passport).

For Deaths in any of the 5 boroughs In the City of New York you can only obtain a death certificate at:
125 Worth Street. NY, NY 10013.

The number of certified death certificates needed depend on your own circumstances. They are required for insurance policies, stocks, bonds, transfer of properties, wills, etc. Only certified copies with the embossed seal will be accepted. Most agencies will not accept photo copies.

To obtain the Forms for both Click on here:

New York State Death Certificate Application

New York City Death Certificate Application

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