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Janette Williams

Janette Williams also know as Mary Roberts was born to Florence Greenaway and George Roberts on June 25, 1949 in Molyneaux on the island of Montserrat. She was the oldest of three brothers (Michael Greenaway, Kenneth Greenaway, and Wilfred White) and three sisters (Elnora Thomas, Elvina Greenaway, and Jane Greenaway). Janette is survived by her husband Robert Williams, her sisters, brothers, cousins, nieces and nephews, and friends too numerous to mention. At the age of eleven, she went to live with her grandmother who gives credit for her strong sense of self and God. Janette Williams attended St. George’s school and soon found the she had an aptitude for sewing. Her work was exceptional and everyone on the island knew two things; that Mary Roberts was the person to see for custom orders of the latest dresses (including wedding dresses) and the she didn’t even need a pattern ! Her work was done with such pride and perfection that she was soon entrusted as the official seamstress of the island’s Anglican church. Janette made the priest’s cassocks, the acolytes and choir robes and she even made the linens for the altar. In 1985, Janette Williams decided to leave the island of Montserrat and migrate to New York to seek better opportunities. She arrived in New York, as a testament to her faith, was able to overcome many challenges. In 1995, Janette met her husband Robert Williams and began a new chapter in her life. She was not just a modest wife; she was hardworking, honest and kind. She has touch the lives of so many and was always ready to lend an ear, hand, or shoulder. Janette’s relationship with God will always outweigh her other attributes. She was always able to weather the storms because above all things she put her trust in God. Janette will be greatly missed. Thou her death was sudden and untimely, she has left us with some great memories to last for a lifetime. I can picture her walking into one of the twelve gates of heaven and God saying to her well done my good faithful servant! Rest in peace our dear Janette.

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