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Rosalie Campbell

Rosalie Campbell

My mom, my best friend, my guiding light has moved on from this plane. Sevenroses, Rosalie Hibbert Campbell was kind, generous, helpful, and the smartest woman I know! She was an amazing force of nature with the most beautiful smile that would brighten the darkest moments with its light! Her transition from this began on 5/23/2020 when her physicians thought she had a serious stomach issue. During that week she was diagnosed with cancer. She received surgery to remove the tumor, but the cancer was aggressive and would not release its hold on her body! . During the valiant battle for her life. She endured 4 surgeries, a full hysterectomy and two chemo infusions before being told that she may not survive another infusion. She fought until the bitter end because she was not the type of woman to give up. My mother was never one to throw in the towel and give up

She grew up in Jamaica WI, and received a scholarship to go to University/College in Venezuela. She returned to Jamaica to give birth to me and was then offered an opportunity by her sister, my aunt Lil, to immigrate to America for a better life. My mother refused to leave me in Jamaica, and brought me with to begin her next chapter. She Received her Bachelors in Psychology from the college of New Rochelle. She Married to Barrington Campbell, My father, in December of 1989 and once again returned to Jamaica where she continued to work to provide for her family.

When I was 18, she decided to go back to college and pursue a higher degree. She attended Columbia university and Graduated with her Masters in technology. She would always stress the importance of an education which is an ethic I was sure to pass on to my child. 20 years ago, she started to work at Windward School. She was very proud and dedicated to her job at the school. She looked forward to work every day, even in her last days she attempted to work remotely. By watching her example I learned the importance of living up to my greatest potential

She would tell me stories of her childhood and how she loved to dance. She was even on TV and danced on a show in Jamaica. She did it all, from ballroom to salsa, and any other dance you could think of. Some of my fondest memories are of her calling me late at night to tell me about her late night adventures in a salsa classroom, or hanging out with her closest friends. Those friends eventually became her travel buddies. A cruise to Cuba and trip to Washington DC were her most memorable times with her friends. Not only friendly, my mother was good, honest and always fair about the situations. She respected other people’s points of view and I strive to match her when I move through this world, sometimes in the most difficult of circumstances. My mother taught me to persevere.

My mother loved her family dearly and always wished them the best in life, and even though relations may have been strained with some. Her outlook on love and family taught me to do the same, because my mother lead by example, not just by the force of her word. She would always tell me to be a good person and live life to the fullest. Her passing is not the end because she lives on in her teachings, our time together and my heart.

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