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Ruth Getter

Ruth Getter

It is with great sadness that we share, the passing of our mother, Ruth Groten Getter, October 14. 2020, age, 91. She died peacefully in her sleep, in her home, surrounded by her family; her husband, Gus, by her side, her children Leslie “Chip” Getter & Elizabeth “Liz” Getter, and Liz’s husband, David Groff.

Ruth was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She was the daughter of Pearl (Freidheim) and Irving Grotenstein and older sister to Barnet “Barney.” Ruth would later say Barney was the elder sibling as it was her habit to shave a few years off her age.

She met her future husband, Gus when his family moved into their apartment building.  They shared the same birthday, 3 years apart and their first date was in celebration of their birthdays.  Ruth was always a loving, supportive and adventurous person. Moments after she married Gus, they began a literal cross-country journey to California where she would start a new life as the wife of a Naval Officer.

Ruth worked at the Naval Base Supply Depot and became ‘Den Mother’ for many young recruits. She served as volunteer artist for the base and helped design and create the base’s SeaBee sign.  She was the smartest person in our family.  She had a gentle way of keeping us all in line with pronunciation, punctuation, grammar and spelling.  And for us she was the classic, great Mom who packed our lunches, shuttled us to our numerous lessons and who helped us with our many school art-projects and papers.  She never yelled and was a great support and confident.

Ruth was someone you wanted on your Trivial Pursuit team. She had an amazing depth of knowledge in literature and history.  She possessed an eclectic mix of interests as varied as classical music, Richard Hittleman Yoga, and Monty Python.

She enjoyed her years with the Temple Israel Sisterhood and volunteering for the United Way. Ruth loved to entertain and every year she hosted a New Year’s Eve party in which, pride of place, was her famous Cheesecake.  She was a skilled creative person working as a graphic artist before computers became a central tool in the field. She worked with paint, clay, and fabrics, and was proficient on a sewing machine, sometimes making her own gowns or our Halloween costumes.

Ruth had an incredibly quick wit. It was an aspect of her personality so very deeply engrained in her, that even when dementia had crept in, she would often catch us off-guard with an hysterical side-bar.  And she was, and continues to be*, our father’s ballroom dance partner. (*Our father couldn’t wait to join her and died 3 days later.)

Graveside service Friday, 10/16 Sharon Gardens Cemetery @ 11:30am

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