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Sergio Alvarez

Sergio Alvarez

Sergio Alvarez passed away on Monday, August 22, 2022, near his home in West Harrison, after a decade long battle with ALS that ended in a draw.  Sergio is remembered by his three sons, Danny, Jonny and Alex, his two daughters, Sabrina and Tiffany, his four sisters, Marta, Yolanda, Silvia and Beatrice, three nephews, Christian, Andres and Alejandro, two grandchildren, Schuyler and Summer, his ex-wife Lillian, and his dedicated girlfriend Gloria, among many other friends he had gathered over his lifetime.

Sergio was born in 1965 in Medellin Colombia to Antonio Alvarez and Berta Rios.  He immigrated alone to the United States when he was 18 years old. He learned English from books and television and earned his GED part time while supporting himself as a short-order cook in the diner business. He later became the chef and then manager at the Northway Diner in New Rochelle.  Eventually his creativity outgrew the kitchen and he taught himself to build, becoming a foreman of a construction company in New Rochelle before owning his own company for a short time. He took pride in his work and did his best to impart that ethic onto his five children.

Sergio loved to drink, and he loved to dance if the occasion called for it. He loved playing soccer and traveling. He loved making art and sometimes it seemed he loved to yell. But he loved his family above everything, here and in Colombia.

In the last act of his life Sergio did not go quietly. He continued to take care of the property he shared with his sister Silvia. he learned to drive a car with no hands, much to everyone’s fears, but never crashed. He put everything into his time left with his youngest son Alex. And he found joy in little things all around him, stealing a laugh any chance he got.

If you were close with Sergio, your relationship was most likely complicated.  But in the end, he was surrounded by loving family. The family would like to thank his brother-in-law Alvaro for all the time he sacrificed to help take care of Sergio. The family would also like to thank the ALS Association for all of their support and understanding and would like to direct any donations to their foundation

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